Boston Youth Jobs Programs - Good or Bad?

Boston Youth Jobs Programs - Good or Bad?

For those who are living in Boston, there is a need for new positions from employers. Boston citizens want to work. Many of them are looking for jobs to feed families. There are also many youth who are looking for work in this very competitive marketplace. Do you think that the city should be doing more to help the younger generations to find employment?

Storming Boston

Hundreds of youth adults took on the downtown portion of the city this week in a rally that is aimed at supporting the allocation of better funding to help pay for youth employment programs. These programs help many people each year to land jobs. The Youth Jobs Coalition took to various locations throughout the city, including the State House, in demand that more funding be put towards improving the options for jobs that will be there for the younger generations.

What is the big deal? According to the youth Jobs Coalition, the employment rate for youth in the state has fallen to 39 percent in the year 2011, which is down from 63 percent it was at in 2000. it is noted that only about 590 companies in the region that have more than 100 employees are willing to hire teenagers. This, to the group, means that these youth are not getting the job experience they need to go on to bigger things in their futures.

For those who are a parent of a younger child, there is the concern that their students will leave college and find themselves without any type of employment experience to get a job with. This could be very limiting in the long term.