Boston Employment? Where?

Boston Employment? Where?

We can't survive on cream pies alone.

If there was a perfect world out there, the economy of Boston would be run entirely by Boston Cream Pies, "Baked Beans", and the Irish Mafia.  Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world, but rather one that has many flaws. The current unemployment rate of Boston is around 9.4% - which is wicked high. What is a Bostonian to do?

First, if you are unemployed (or plan to be unemployed) you need to make sure you are familiar with all of the resources you have available to snag that perfect job (or career). Your best bet is actually a little close to home than you think - your friends, family, and yes, even former coworkers. These people are a network around you from which you can build your job finding empire. Think about it - you only have two eyes - you might have all day to look if you are unemployed but if you don't have other people helping there might be some things you miss - or don't find entirely.

Second, when you are looking for work the secret to getting a great job is a fabulous attitude. Keep your head up high in and out of interviews and you might find it that much easier to be successful. It is corny, but true, that a positive attitude can create a positive outcome and honestly - what do you have to lose by showing off those pearly whites?

Need a few resources? Check out Craigslist, the City of Boston HR website (for that comfy government gig), and Indeed (a job search aggregate).

Keep your head up, put on a smile and keep sending out those resumes. A good rule of thumb is take the number of years you worked at your last job and submit this number of resumes per day when you are doing your job search online. For instance, if you worked at your last job for 7 years, submit 7 resumes, to 7 different companies - everyday (with a smile). Easy, right?